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PEGUS Research Organizational Announcement - 29 October 2012

These are exciting times at PEGUS Research as we just passed 20 years in existence. As you may know, we moved just six months ago into a new space twice as large as the previous, and even now that doubled space is being taxed. We have grown from our start with only 4 employees to a company with over 110 members of our team. As we have grown, the need for change has become clear in our efforts to better support our clients in the future. To that end, we recently announced the hiring of another statistician (Steve Pickard, MBA) to assist our efforts in that area. We also promoted Tera Smith to Clinical Data Manager given her 9 years of experience in data management activities at PEGUS.

Even Bigger Changes at PEGUS

Today we announce what may be the largest and most exciting organizational changes in our history. We have been contemplating, discussing and planning these changes for several years. They are not entered into lightly.

  • For over 16 years, David McCammon, MS, has served as CEO, President and Chairman. He is now happily relinquishing his role and title of President. He remains as CEO and Chairman at PEGUS Research. This change will allow him more time to focus on client consulting and oversight and support of needed project documents, freeing him from some of the duties he had as President.

  • Clark Richardson, MPH, will now assume the role of President at PEGUS. After more than 15 years with the company, and most recently serving as VP of Operations and Project Management, Clark has been promoted to take this lead role. He will continue to report to David McCammon.

Realignment of PEGUS Leadership Teams

PEGUS has realigned its committee and management teams to allow for even greater efficiency in support of our clients in the future. For years we operated with one company management team titled “Senior Staff.” We have now organized into two distinct management teams:

  • Executive Leadership Team, led by David McCammon, is focused on strategy, company direction, consulting assignments for each project, and business development.

  • Senior Operations Team, led by Clark Richardson, will largely take on the day-to-day operational responsibilities of the former Senior Staff.

    Members of New Senior Operations Team:

    • Sarah Farnsworth, PhD, has been promoted to Director of Clinical Operations, Project Management and joins Clark on his team.

    • Kimberly Anderson, MPH (recently married; formerly Kimberly Hunter), has been promoted to Director of Clinical Operations, Project Support and joins the Senior Team.

    • Dawn Straatsma, who has been with us 11 years and manages the PEGUS Call Center, has now been promoted to Director of Health Care Research, joining Clark’s team.

    • We have also created a new General Manager position to support our critical business activities and further free key staff, especially Dave McCammon and Clark Richardson, to assist our clients. We are pleased to announce that Erin Woolley, BS, joins us as our new General Manager.

    • Russell Bradford, MD, MSPH, who lends expertise in so many areas, serves as a member of both leadership teams.

  • Looking Toward the Future

    These changes will not only allow better support of our clients’ needs but we hope will signal both the depth and competence of our consulting team. This is not a company of just one or two who can provide design advice, consulting and suggestions, but a group of qualified experts from our Executive Team, Senior Operations Team, our experienced project managers and throughout our organization. If you cannot reach me, we have a team here I am confident can provide sound advice and any assistance you need.

    We hope these changes highlight that we are a growing organization that plans for the future. We could see a point down the road where our original structure might not be sufficient for the work at hand. We believe we are now prepared for the future support needs of our clients and their projects.

    Should you have any questions, please contact us.

    David L. McCammon, MS
    Chief Executive Officer